Supporting of thermal power equipment

Sichuan Deyang Keli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers an area of 180 acres, has built the steel structure workshop 28000m2, now has TK6920 NC boring milling machine 1 sets, 5 x 12 meters of floor type milling and boring machine TK6920 6 x 16 meters 1, TJK6920 NC boring milling machine 1 sets, 4 x 10 m QLM24-40120 fixed beam in Longmen NC boring milling machine 1 sets, 5 x 12 meters and 8 meters of double column vertical lathe moving beam 14 meters, a single arm moving beam CNC vertical lathe, a large CNC floor type boring machine TK6926-8 * 26 meters 1 Taiwan, large CNC floor type boring machine FB340 * 90-9 * 34 meters 1, Longmen 8 * QLM2370-220 large CNC milling 22 meters 1, CW61190L/500-2 * 5 meters CNC horizontal lathe 2, Z33100 slide drilling machine 2, Z33125 slide drilling machine 2, 500T hydraulic press, 30 x 3000, 20 x 2000, 60 x 4500 bending machine, CC5000 CNC cutting machine 6 sets, 6.5m * 12m full automatic heat treatment furnace Sand blasting, two, 200, 100, 75, 17, 50 tons of driving and other large machinery processing equipment 45 sets (sets), complete facilities, with a strong heavy machinery processing, complete sets of products production capacity.
Company perennial production processing of 60 million, 100 MW Steam Turbine LP inner, outer cylinder, high intermediate pressure outer cylinder, low pressure heater, condenser, oil cooler, steam material heater, containerized tank


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